Adult Passports

Individuals 16 years old and over receive 10-year validity adult passports. To apply for a passport, please make an appointment with our Embassy in Abu Dhabi OR our Consulate General in Dubai and bring in the following on the scheduled day:

  1. Passport Application Form DS-82. If your last, full validity passport was issured after you turned 16 and you have it in your possession. Completed the form in full (list your local address for the mailing address although the passport will not be mailed) and sign it.Online DS-82 formto complete online and print.
  2. If your last passport was issued before you turned 16, or your passport has been damaged, you must complete the online DS-11 form instead.
  3. If your passport has been lost or stolen, please see link on the left.
  4. One photograph (Photo must be 2 inches by 2 inches SQUARE, recent, with NO GLASSES and with white background as outlined here (PDF 45 KB). Passport application with the incorrect photo will not be accepted.
  5. Your current passport and 1 photocopy of the biographic page(s) and any amendments.
  6. The fee for an adult renewal passport is US $110 (DS-82) or the equivalent in UAE dirhams. This is payable in US dollars, dirhams, or by credit card. Some of the credit/debit cards are not accepted by the system. For a DS-11, an execution fee of US $35 will also be charged.
  7. 16 and 17 year-old passport applicants are required to bring their original birth certificates and 1 photocopy. If you do not bring your original birth certificate, you will have to make a second trip to the embassy to complete your application. A parent should accompany the applicant to their appointment.

The new e-passport is printed in the U.S. and requires about two and half weeks to process. You may keep your current passport and have it cancelled when you collect your new passport from the Embassy (we will not cancel the UAE residence visa).