Additional Resources for U.S. Citizens

The Embassy’s primary means of communication with American citizens in the U.A.E. during an emergency is our warden system. The warden system consists of American citizens who volunteer to disseminate information passed on from the Embassy to other American citizens in the country. The warden system is used to communicate both emergency and non-emergency information of interest tom American Citizens. We also distribute this information directly via e-mail or fax to any American citizen who asks to be included in our warden notification network.

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When you sign up, you will automatically receive the most current information we compile about the country where you will be traveling to or living in. You will also receive updates, including Travel Warnings and Travel Alerts (where appropriate). You only need to sign up once, and then you can add and delete trips from your account based on your current travel plans!

Stay Connected

By connecting with us by STEP, the Department of State will be able to assist you better in the case of an emergency, such as if you lose your passport or it is stolen while you are abroad.

The Department of State also assists U.S. citizens in other emergencies, such as in natural disasters.  For example, after the earthquake in Haiti, we evacuated over 16,700 U.S. citizens. During the civil unrest in Lebanon in 2006 we assisted nearly 15,000 U.S. citizens, and in 2004 we helped thousands more during the tsunami.

The travel and contact information you enter into STEP will make it easier for consular officers in U.S. embassies and consulates around the world to contact you and your loved ones during an emergency — including situations where your family or friends in the U.S. are having problems trying to contact you with important news.

Stay Safe

We believe that a well-informed traveler is a safer traveler. Our consular officers around the world compile country-specific information, travel alerts, travel warnings, fact sheets and warden messages to provide you with timely and accurate travel information about every country where you may travel.  We include reports on possible risks and security threats so that you can make informed decisions about your travel plans and activities.

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Your Privacy Is Paramount

All the personal information you provide to us is protected under the Privacy Act of 1974.  This law prohibits us from sharing the information with anyone without your written authorization.  Certain exceptions exist, such as when we need to share information on a limited basis in order to protect your safety and welfare in extreme circumstances.

Embassy of the United States of America
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
 (American Citizen Services Unit)

Bringing Medicines into the UAE


All tourists and residents of UAE are required to fill in an electronic form to get approval to carry any kind of medication that is a narcotic-based, psychotropic and controlled medicines for personal use on their travel to the UAE.

A detailed list of narcotic-based, psychotropic, and controlled medicines mentioned in Schedule IV of the UAE Narcotic Law 14 of 1995 is available on the ministry’s website.

Patients or travelers carrying prescribed prescription medications must acquire a pre-approval through the new online service lunched by the Ministry of Health and Prevention, the service can be accessed directly on the their website.

Travelers with prescribed medicine must have their prescriptions issued by licensed U.S. doctors and go through the proper chain of authentication process.

Further queries may be directed to the UAE Ministry of Health’s Drug Control Department in Abu Dhabi, P.O. Box 848, Fax: (971) 2-631-3742.

Abu Dhabi Tel: +971 (2) 6330000
Dubai Tel: +971 (4) 3966000



NOTE: Please DO NOT send any CV, job application or any other documents via email or fax to the ministry.


Would you like to help Americans abroad? The U.S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi needs you! We are looking for volunteer wardens to assist American citizens in an emergency. A Warden is a private citizen who volunteers to assist the U.S. Embassy’s American Citizen Services section in communicating with Americans abroad and alerting Americans to emergency situations. Warden systems provide a reliable way to reach American citizens in the event of an emergency as well as facilitate the distribution of routine administrative information. Wardens also assist in:

  • Relaying official correspondence to American citizens in their district or group
  • Providing advice or information on local conditions to American Citizen Services
  • Assisting with enrollment in the Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)
  • Maintaining contact information for U.S. citizens residing in the Warden’s area

We are especially looking for Wardens Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Western Region. We are also looking for volunteers from schools, universities, and businesses with large numbers of American citizens.

Please review the Warden Responsibilities (DOC 17 KB) and the Warden Memo of Agreement (DOC 47 KB).  If you are interested in serving as a Warden or would like more information, please contact us:

American Citizen Services

U.S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi

Tel: 971 2 414 2200

Public phone hours: 9:00am-11:00am