Reporting Birth Abroad

For babies born in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, please see Consular Reports of Birth Abroad (CRBA) for Dubai specific requirements and fees.

The birth of a child in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to U.S. citizen parent(s) should be reported as soon as possible to the US Embassy Consular Section for the purpose of establishing an official record of the child’s claim to U.S. citizenship at birth. Please follow the steps in the document “Instructions for Registering a Child.” You may also download the blank forms provided below.  Once you have completed the forms and gathered the appropriate documents, please email with a scan of your completed DS-2029 and five requested dates for your appointment. We will then schedule your appointment and inform you of the date and time. Please note that we are only open for CRBA appointments Sunday to Wednesday from 1:00pm to 2:30pm.

Expeditious Naturalization

If the U.S. citizen parent does not meet INA transmission requirements, but the child has a U.S. citizen grandparent who does have the requisite physical presence, the child may be eligible for Expeditious Naturalization under the Child Citizenship Act of 2000.  Through this procedure, a child under 18 years of age can become a U.S. citizen via naturalization without having to take up residence in the United States beforehand. However, Expeditious Naturalization cannot be executed at the U.S. Embassy; the child must travel to the United States, and would require a Non-Immigrant Visa for this purpose.  An N600 application (and supporting documentation) must be filed with the United States Citizenship & Immigration Service (USCIS) before the child applies for his/her U.S. visa. Please see our Non-Immigrant Visa webpage for more information.