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July 27, 2023

Sources Sought for Ship Repair Industry Day

POSTING DATE: 27 July 2023

RESPONSE DATE: 30 September 2023

NAICS Code: 336611 Ship Building and Repairing and 336612 Boat Building


This announcement constitutes a Sources Sought Synopsis (market survey). This is not a request for quote (RFQ) or a request for proposal (RFP). This announcement is for information and planning purposes only and is not to be construed as a commitment by the United States Government, implied or

otherwise, to issue a solicitation or award a contract. The Government will not pay for any cost incurred in responding to this announcement. Any information submitted by respondents to this Sources Sought synopsis shall be voluntary and retained.


The purpose of this sources sought synopsis is to determine interest and capability of potential qualified businesses relative to NAICS code 336611 & 336612 within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Large and Small Businesses, regardless of previous experience working for the United States Government, are

invited to provide their contact information. Qualified responders will be invited to meet with contracting officers at a ship repair industry day of Naval Supply Systems Command, Naval Fleet Logistics Center, Bahrain (NAVSUP FLCB) to be held in Dubai on 19 October 2023 at Habtoor Palace, Al Habtoor

City, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. An industry day is an event to exchange information with company representatives. It is the Government’s opportunity to encourage new businesses to participate in upcoming contracting actions and exchange information and industry’s opportunity to network with each other.


NAVSUP FLCB is conducting market research to determine the existence of potential sources to provide ship repair on U.S. Navy vessels. Most ship repair occurs at Jebel Ali. However, other locations have included Dubai DryDocks, Port of Fujairah, and Port Khalifa. Typical work items included under “ship

repair” are lagging and insulation, machining, rigging, welding, fabrication and inspection, fire watch, pipefitting, marine carpentry, deck resurfacing, engine overhauls, diving services, electrical jobs, valve repair, confined space entry, tank cleaning , preservation, scaffolding, pump repairs, hull and structural



Potential contractors must eventually be able to, at a minimum, verify competency in the following areas: ability to speak and write English, ability to receive phone calls and emails, compliance with local environmental and safety laws, possess an internal quality control system, and the ability to acquire

security passes to access government sites. Furthermore, the contractor must be responsible as defined as having adequate financial resources to perform the contract or the ability to obtain it; have a satisfactory record of integrity and business ethics; have the necessary managerial and technical skills as

well as tools and equipment to perform the work or have the ability to obtain them.


Required Information: Any interested party shall send an email containing your company name, company representative and title, location of business, contact phone number, preferred email address to receive correspondence, and if known, your CAGE and DUNS number. It is recommended that this

email be sent with a delivery receipt confirmation.


Where to send responses: Lizabeth Cantos, CantosLH@state.gov with a “cc” to LCDR Bryan Pace, PaceBH@state.gov

Response deadline: 30 September 2023

Primary Point of Contact: LCDR Bryan H. Pace, Officer in Charge: 971 45 463 025

Secondary Point of Contact: Lizabeth Cantos: 971 50 645 95 05



Sources Sought Notice – FLC Detachment Dubai Industry Day