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November 28, 2023

Request for Quotations Number PR12167179 ‐ 7-8 SEATER PASSENGER SUV

The Consulate General of the United States of America invites you to submit a quotation for Supply and Delivery 7-8 SEATER PASSENGER as outlined in the attached RFQ.

If you would like to submit a quotation, follow the instructions in solicitation and submit it to DubaiGSOProcurement@state.gov


RFQ PR12167179


Quotations are due by December 15, 2023, 5PM local time. No quotations will be accepted after this time. Quotations must be in English and incomplete proposals will not be accepted.

In order for a quotation to be considered, you must also complete and submit the following:

  1. SF-1449
  2. Section I, Pricing
  3. Section 5 Representations and Certifications
  4. Additional information as required in Section 3
  5. Proof of SAM Registration
  6. NDAA 889 compliance certification

Direct any questions regarding this solicitation by email or by telephone – Email add: DubaiGSOProcurement@state.gov – Ph no 04 3094000 during regular business hours.