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Returning to the United States on an Expired U.S. Passport

If you are overseas and your passport expired on or after January 1, 2020, you may be able to use your expired passport to return directly to the United States until December 31, 2021. See this page for more information.

If you require a new passport, a renewal passport, or just aren’t sure, our simple Passport Wizard will assist you in determining your eligibility and gathering the documentation needed to apply.

On the final page of the Passport Wizard, you will see the options “Complete by Hand” and “Form Filler.” Applicants should use the “Form Filler” option. The Form Filler will collect your information online and automatically create a PDF that you must print and bring to your appointment.

Once you have filled out the application online and printed a copy, you can schedule a passport renewal appointment here.

The Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the Consulate General in Dubai conveniently offer passport renewal services by mail or drop-boxwithout requiring an appointment.

Passport services are not available on weekends, or U.S. or United Arab Emirates holidays.

The processing time for routine passport renewals is 2-3 weeks. If you are traveling within the next 2 weeks, please see Emergency Assistance for further information or e-mail AbuDhabiACS@state.gov if you are located in Abu Dhabi or DubaiACS@state.gov if you are located in Dubai or the Northern Emirates.

Do You Know What Type of Forms You Need?

If you already know which forms to complete, you can:

  1. go directly to our forms page at eforms.state.gov  and enter “Passports” in the search field,
  2. visit our appointment website  to schedule an appointment at one of our locations, or
  3. get specific passport guidance info on Travel.State.gov.