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Frequently Asked Questions

August 24, 2020

Pay.gov Mail-in and Drop Box DS-82 Passport Renewal

Can I pay for two adult passports at once?                                                                                                 

No. You must complete a new payment form for each passport application.  

 Can I renew a passport and apply for a passport card at once using pay.gov? 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply for a passport card using the Pay.gov online payment.  We hope to offer that service in the future.    

Who is eligible to pay online and renew their passport by mail?  

You may be eligible to apply with online payment if you are an adult, who already has a 10-year U.S. passport book issued no more than 15 years ago.   

What payment methods can I use to pay online for my U.S. passport via Pay.gov? 

You can pay the $110 fee by electronic check/transfer, credit/debit card, PayPal, Pay on Pay.gov. This amount cannot be altered. You must pay the fee in U.S. dollars.  

How do I know that my payment information is secure? 

You will submit your application fee using Pay.gov, which more than 40 U.S. government agencies use to collect forms and payments. Pay.gov uses 128-bit SSL encryption to protect your transaction.  

Is the online process safe? 

Yes. The payment form on Pay.gov is encrypted to ensure your personal information is secure.