Jobs at the Embassy & Consulate

Thank you for considering the U.S. government as a potential employer. The U.S. Diplomatic Mission to UAE is an equal opportunity employer and is seeking the highest caliber staff. Our salaries are competitive, and we offer an attractive benefits package. Interested applicants should review each position vacancy thoroughly to ensure that their application includes all necessary information.

All Embassy and Consulate vacancy announcements appear on the  eRecruitment website.  Please follow the step-by-step guidance on our site to apply for positions. We recommend using google chrome until the eRecruitment site is optimized for other browsers.

he US Consulate in Dubai requests proposals as per the following scope of work.

Statement of Work ( STC 12017R006 SOLICITATION)

A site survey will be conducted at 10.00 AM, Wednesday 30 August 2017 at the US Consulate. Interested vendors may contact Mr. Ribu Thomas ( 050 645 6924 ) or email at for access to the site survey.

All proposals must be in 2 sets ( 1 ORIGINAL + 1 COPY ) and in a SEALED ENVELOPE addressed to the “ Contracting Officer “and should be delivered at the SERVICE ENTRANCE of the CONSULATE ( near Prime Medical Centre ) no later than 1500 hrs ( local time ) Thursday 14 September 2017.

(Drawings may be collected in person between 08.30-AM to 4.30 PM, Sunday through Thursday, from the Service Gate Entrance of the US Consulate, near Burdubai creek, BURDUBAI).

For any questions on this solicitation, please email the procurement office at at

SF25A-16 – payment bond

SF25- performance bond