Information Resources

The embassy provides a variety of information resources focused on U.S. history, government, culture, and current issues that are of interest to both the U.S. and the UAE. We invite you to get in touch to learn more about these resources, including research and reference services through electronic databases that can be made available to teachers, students, librarians, researchers, and government officials in the UAE.

Call the Information Resource Center Director at 02-414-2658 or send an email to

Elibrary USA

The IRC provides members with exclusive access to a collection of databases sponsored by the Department of State, called eLibraryUSA. eLibraryUSA gives IRC members access to information that Americans find at their public or academic libraries. We have a broad range of resources about business, learning English, American history and culture, health, literature, and more.

IRC members can sign up to receive an eLibraryUSA account. Account holders can access eLibraryUSA online, from their own computers and will be able to enjoy using all the resources that eUSALibrary can offer about the U.S. and the world.

Members can also sign up to learn about events sponsored by the U.S. Embassy and to receive updates on American life, culture, and government.

Kindly note that membership can be renewed upon request on annual basis from the Director of Information Resources.