The UAE is America’s #1 export market in the Middle East.  With the GDP of $324 billion, a per capita income of $38,000, sovereign wealth assets over $1 trillion, along with a diversified economy, the UAE is well-positioned to ride out the low oil-price environment and presents great opportunities for American business.

In 2016, the UAE was America’s 16th largest export market worldwide.  US-UAE merchandise trade reached nearly $26 billion, with US exports representing $22.4 billion.  As a result, the US enjoys a structural trade surplus of $19 billion with the UAE (our third largest worldwide).  The UAE continues to be America’s largest export market in the Arab World for the eighth year running. The value of US exports to the UAE continued to exceed outgoing US exports to regional markets, including India ($18 billion), Turkey ($9 billion), Saudi Arabia ($18 billion), and Egypt ($3.5 billion).

There are many export opportunities for American companies.  Leading sectors include:  Education; Health Care; Safety & Security; Aerospace and Defense; Transportation; Energy; Environment; Infrastructure Development; Consumer Retail; and Oil and Gas.

Doing business in UAE is requires patience, persistence, presence, and on-the-ground partners.  With proper support from the US Mission in the UAE, American companies can succeed and compete in this highly attractive market.

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