Due to the COVID-19 situation, U.S. Embassy Abu Dhabi and U.S. Consulate General Dubai will only process the following emergency services to U.S. citizens: applications for Consular Reports of Birth Abroad (CRBA), Consular Reports of Death Abroad (CRDA), and applications for passports that have expired or are expiring within two weeks where the applicant intends to immediately depart the UAE.

Applicants who qualify for an emergency passport appointment may receive a limited-validity Emergency Photo Digitized Passport (EPDP) which will allow the traveler to return to the United States. At a future date, once normal passport operations have resumed in the United States, the EPDP can be exchanged for a normal validity passport. EPDP’s are valid for one year.

U.S. citizens with expired U.S. passports who wish to return to the United States, or families with newborn U.S. citizens without passports, should make an appointment with the Embassy or Consulate. If all requirements are met, emergency passports can be issued within 48 hours.

To make an appointment in Abu Dhabi, please email To make an appointment in Dubai, please email To better assist us with your emergency passport request, please confirm that you have an expired passport or a passport expiring in two weeks. Please also inform us in your email, if you have an upcoming travel reservation (i.e. flight reservation, confirmed ticket, itinerary, etc), as well as the Emirate you are currently residing. Please note that sending an email does not guarantee an appointment. If your request is approved, we will inform you of your appointment date and time. We will strive to respond to your email within one business day.

U.S. Department of State passport processing centers in the United States have had to limit passport operations due to COVID-19. If you have previously applied for a passport or citizenship service, you should expect significant delays receiving your passport and your citizenship evidence documents. If you need an emergency passport for immediate travel to the United States, please contact the Embassy or Consulate via one of the email addresses above.

All other operations, including routine notary services, are suspended until further notice. If you need documents notarized, some U.S. jurisdictions allow for remote notarization. Individuals needing to notarize documents for use in the United States may wish to explore the possibility of remote notarization. They may also wish to consult with a local attorney to ensure that remote notarization is permitted under UAE law.