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Alert: Severe Weather Notice (3 October 2021)
October 3, 2021

Severe Weather Alert

The National Center of Meteorology in the UAE has issued a weather alert.  Due to Tropical Storm Shaheen, some parts of the UAE will possibly experience heavy rainfall, strong winds, and dust storms beginning this afternoon, Sunday, October 3.

With the possibility of severe weather in parts of the UAE, the U.S. Mission to the UAE encourages U.S. citizens to monitor local weather forecasts.  Individuals in impacted areas are encouraged to take the following precautionary measures:

  • Remove lightweight or loose objects from open areas;
  • Check any external electrical connections or appliances, taking into consideration how they can be managed during adverse weather conditions;
  • Check back-up power supplies if these are available;
  • Ensure all temporary sheds and roofs are properly secured;
  • Check and ensure all open doors and windows in residences are properly closed and secured;
  • All drainage systems should be clear, especially those on rooftops and balconies;
  • Keep minor children under adult supervision;
  • Please limit your movement unless it is an emergency.


  • U.S. Embassy Abu Dhabi
    Embassies District, Plot 38, Sector W59-02, Street No. 4
    +971 2 414 2200


  • U.S. Consulate General Dubai
    Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed and Al Seef Streets
    +971 4 309 4000